About Us

DOKI! DOKI! Anime Market Singapore ("DDAM") is an anime convention featuring an artist alley & auction house specially curated to include both cracked art, and old but gold fandoms. We're cooking all the new stuff for you— a convention you can look forward to in June with the first ever anime auction house in Singapore! Organised by artists, for artists. The DDAM Team will showcase a wide variety of fandoms from talented artists.
For The 2010 Anime Fans: It’s a comeback!

Booth Headers
Artists will have booth name plates that showcase their merchandise. The last thing we want is for you to walk out without finding that Kakashi keychain when an artist actually had it!

Plan Your Shopping
Our website will be updated over time with the list of artists, their socials, and the fandoms they are selling merchandise for, at your convenience!

Quick Queues
Multiple ticket payment counters will be made available for queue clearance. All procedures and processes are streamlined to make ticket payment clean and efficient.

Clean Spaces
We take cleanliness seriously and are working with a professional cleaning service to make sure there are enough bins available and that they are well maintained throughout each event. Every artist table will also be given a dustbin which will be lined and cleaned daily.

Quick Response
Feedback on any aspect of the event or questions we receive will be updated on via our Instagram stories in real-time by our team.

    By Artists, For Artists!
    We are an artist-centered event, and our artists take center stage! We hope to support the development of the anime artist scene here in Singapore by creating a space for beginners to try out boothing in a friendly environment, and experienced boothers another area of revenue to support their businesses— where costs are kept low, sufficient food is provided, and our volunteer team will be checked for service quality to ensure a friendly and pleasant boothing experience with us. We also take stringent anti-tracing, anti-AI, and anti-theft management to ensure artist protection.

    Respect for Artists and their Livelihoods
    We take a strong stand against AI generated images in the use of our promotional materials and our artist alley.

    Our Community
    Every artist is welcome to apply! We will ensure our artist alley booths remain affordable for everyone.

    Protection from Theft
    Our team is always looking out. Artists will be informed of any news of theft as soon as possible. If you spot any cases of art theft, please report it to the organising team immediately via our Instagram DMs. The security team will also be promptly informed.

    Free Food for Artists
    We plan to provide free food supplied by our sponsors to our artists. They will be delivered to artists by our Cosplay (Nekomimi Maid/Butler) Snack Delivery Team.

    Grid Rental Services
    We have offered grid panels at affordable prices for artists, with an option to return the grids at the end of the event for cash return. Perfect for those who want to save space in their luggage, or for those new to boothing to dip their toes without investing fully in a set of grids!

    Cozy Spaces
    Noise levels will be kept low as the event will not feature stage performances.

      The DDAM Team believes in keeping the sense of warmth & community alive in our event, whilst providing you friendly and professional service. ありがとう ございます !