How much are the tickets?
One ticket is S$5.
Can I cosplay at this event?
We are a cosplay-friendly event! We also welcome artists to cosplay at their booths too. :)
How do I buy a ticket?
You can get a ticket online on our Eventbrite page, or purchase one at the ticketing counters on the day itself.
For on-site ticket sales, we accept cash notes & PayNow. However, we do not accept coins or credit cards.
Will there be security and crowd control?
Yes, we use a licensed events security service. There will be security bag checks conducted to enter the event hall. We also have security on patrol to do crowd control within the hall.


How much does a booth cost?
One artist alley booth is S$250.
What is the limit to the number of artists' works that can be showcased per booth?
There is no limit to the number of artists that can share a booth.
What is the limit for the number of people standing behind a booth physically?
Only 3 people may stand behind one table at a time as part of our crowd control guidelines.
What is the free food for artists all about?
Artists get to self-collect free food from collection points in Suntec. We also have the Nekomimi Maid & Butler Team giving out dry snacks to the artist alley during the convention :)
What kind of artists do you accept for your artist alley?
As long as your catalog involves anime-themed products, we will consider you for booth applications. We accept a diversity of styles, including clay crafting, 3D printing, etc, as long as it is still anime. However no AI art or stolen artworks are allowed, and such submissions risk being blacklisted.
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